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As a romantic, full-service bridal shop near Philadelphia, Le Bella Donna is an intimate, tranquil setting offering brides-to-be a specially curated selection of award-winning designer wedding dresses. Our designer collections of wedding gowns offersdreamy details, and are available in a variety of sizes, silhouettes and price ranges. We are proud to provide our community and brides with an unrivaled selection of bridal gowns and a truly memorable shopping experience, the perfect wedding dress for you is here.


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Jennifer Waszak, Owner

“Life is challenging enough, so keep being you. Pursue your dreams, hustle hard, handle your business and live your life, unapologetically.” 

Over the past decade I have been fortunate to dedicate my life to a career that allows me to continue to grow creatively and bring happiness to others. My career began in bridal and formalwear during highschool and throughout my years of exploring other career possibilities, I was always led back to my passion for weddings, fashion and immersing my energy into creative outlets within design. With a lot of dedication and ambition, I was able to open the doors to Le Bella Donna 12 years ago. It has not always been an easy path, but I am grateful for every part of Le Bella Donna’s transitions and how I have grown with the company. 

I believe many things make Le Bella Donna unique. An incredible dedicated team of people, hard work and incredible clientele. Through endless devotion and the spirit our staff brings even during difficult periods as a small business, we continue to grow together as an industry leader. We are truly a family at Le Bella Donna and I am grateful. 

As the business owner my daily schedule is constantly evolving to support the areas where I am needed most. Work life balance is always a struggle but like most I do my best to provide support where I am needed. After a very difficult period I am learning to share and connect with others that there is no failure in doing your best and finding acceptance within failures. I have made many mistakes along the way and learning from those mistakes has been more insightful than my successes. 

What differentiates us from other bridal stores is not only the experience we strive to provide but also what defines our culture at Le Bella Donna. Inclusivity, Luxury and Knowledge. As a team we are passionate about educating others as well as continuing to grow together. As an individual I believe my heart, will and passion shines through all that I do. I keep pushing to show those that believe in our brand that we are more than helping our clients find a beautiful dress. That we feel the beauty is within those that we work with and empowering our clients by sharing beauty comes in all shapes, forms, sizes and lifestyles. 

As we continue to evolve our goal is to provide not only the highest level of service for our guests, but also illustrate the ways we celebrate all classes, cultures, backgrounds and identities in a place we recognize as our home. That is my purpose and what I share through Le Bella Donna and with our community. 

In my personal time I am a single mom to two amazing sons Alex and Gage. Our family also includes our dog Ringo and our two cats Smokey and Baby Cat. You can find me spending time outside gardening, exploring different cuisines, investing myself in learning about different skills and working on floral design or other design projects. I am a 80’s nerd, love music and movies from my childhood and have an avid drive to become an awesome salsa dancer. Overall I am a creative type and enjoy anything that allows me to express myself through designing while learning, growing and healing through recent growing pains. 

I love all things bridal and celebrating one of the most important moments in life in the recognition of love and the different types of weddings we have the opportunity to be part of. My personal bridal style and favorites are clean sophisticated styles with really bold and interesting accessories. I also love a beautiful boho gown for an alternative look. There are so many cool dress options it can be hard to choose but ultimately we are always able to help our clients find their internal beauty is really what shines.

Jess Kampf
Operations Manager

Jessica Kampf, Operations Manager

“In the dark night, don’t be lonely, Like the stars, we shine. Don’t disappear, because you’re a great existence. Let us shine.” [ Mikrokosmos ] – BTS 

Hi, my name is Jessica (She/Her/They/Them) and I am the Operations Manager at Le Bella Donna. I have been working with brides since 2013 and started my bridal career right out of highschool in a small family-owned store in Feasterville, PA. I worked there for many years learning the foundation of my bridal knowledge discovering my passion for the Bridal and Formalwear industry. 

I attended Penn State Abington to get my bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Social Sciences while working part time in another boutique completing my education. After graduating, I began working at Le Bella Donna as a receptionist and then transitioned into a sales role. After a couple of years I grew into a Management position within our company. 

In my personal time, I love spending time with my partner Tyler, our dogs Bean-Jimin (a long haired Doxie) & Dante (our black lab mix), reading (Hello from Hufflepuff house) and hanging out with my family.  Like many of our brides I am also in the process of planning a wedding, so completely understand how stressful it can be. After being in bridal for so long and seeing how styles have evolved, I have found that my favorite looks are the clean and classic looks that you can make your own by accessorizing. I also love the influx of alternative styles that designers are starting to make which incorporate different colors such as black lace, beading, fabrications.  

The best part of our day to day operations is working with awesome coworkers helping each and every client that comes to our store find the dream dress that makes them feel like the best version of themselves.

Liz Kessler
Senior Sales Consultant

Elizabeth Kessler, Senior Sales Consultant

“Today, you are you, that is truer than true . there is no one alive that is YOUER than you.” – Dr.Seuss

I have been with Le Bella Donna for 3 years living out my dream working in an industry I truly love. In my years of working in retail and with my educational background in psychology, I have found a passion for working with others and helping our clients find their magical dream dress. I pride myself in knowing about each and every dress on our sales floor and helping others discover what works best for them.   

On the weekends you can catch me dining at restaurants all around the area. I love exploring different cuisines from the best sushi in town to my favorite local pizza shop. Growing up in the Philadelphia area gave me a passion for sports. I grew up always being very active and have grown to love long distance running. Working at Le Bella Donna has allowed me to be able to work with the most amazing people.

I am a simple lady who loves a classic clean bridal look with a modern twist. Working in Bridal has always been a desire of mine and Le Bella Donna has made my dream become a reality. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing work family.

Feel free to reach out to me by email or schedule an appointment to work with me directly.

Colleen Rothfus
Sales Consultant

Colleen Rothfus, Sales Consultant

“Don’t waste a great outfit waiting for the right occasion. YOU are the occasion!!”

Hello, I’m bridal consultant Colleen! While bridal is a newer passion of mine, I have been deeply involved in fashion and textiles since I was a teenager. I come from a Graphic Design and fine arts educational background which only fuels my passions within the bridal industry. 

I love thrifting vintage clothing, sewing and selling my own creations. On the weekends I can be found getting coffee with my partner by day or with a lovely cocktail and unlimited appetizers somewhere local in the Philly area by night. I’m a dreamer and a lover! Making new memories with my partner, family and friends means everything to me. 

As a sales consultant I’m passionate about achieving my brides dream look. Fashion is empowering and I love helping others feel beautiful. My ideal bridal look would be a little sultry and daring but I also adore the idea of a clean lux ball gown. Silhouettes mean everything to me and I believe there’s a perfect one for everybody. I’m here to make bridal shopping comfortable and enjoyable.

With my fashion and textiles background plus my passion for bridal, I will become part of your shopping experience working with you to curate the perfect look. Reach out through our store or send an email with any additional questions you may have.    

Jennifer Anusky
Sales Consultant

Jennifer Anusky, Sales Consultant

“There is something so beautiful in the moments helping a bride find their dream dress. My number one rule to brides is to follow your heart! Your heart will lead you in the right direction as it did to find the love of your life!” 

My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jenn. I am a Sales Consultant at Le Bella Donna. I also assist in regulating store operations, ensuring that our store is always optimally operating, supporting a number of administrative functions in each area of our company and contributing to many of our daily store functions.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and have been married to my husband Troy for 25 years. We have three amazing sons, Justin, Troy and Zachary that are the light of my life. We are blessed with a lot of exciting additions recently with weddings and the welcome addition of beautiful grandchildren. I love all things Disney, so much so that my own wedding invitations years ago were Cinderella themed. 

I have a true passion working with people and helping others, which has brought me here to Le Bella Donna. I have known the owner of Le Bella Donna for over 30 years and her true passion and love for her business has intrigued me to want to be a part of the bridal industry myself. 

Having always worked with people throughout my life has been so helpful in my bridal career. Whether you are the Bride, Mother or Grandmother of the Bride or Groom, I am attentive to your personal style and will assist you with finding your perfect dress for your big day. 

If you would like to work with me or have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to working with you. 

Be A Le Bella Donna Bride

At Le Bella Donna, we understand that finding the perfect wedding dress is a big decision. That’s why we offer an award-winning bridal boutique experience that’s dedicated to making your search as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Our boutique offers an unrivaled selection of designer dresses, with styles to suit every bride’s taste. Our gowns are crafted with the finest fabrics and intricate details, ensuring that you feel comfortable and stunning on your big day.

With years of experience and a passion for bridal fashion, our expert bridal stylists are here to guide you through every step of the process. From discovering your personal style to finding your dream wedding gown, we’re committed to making your wedding dress journey a memorable one.

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