Our Le Bella Donna bride for today, Amanda, got married in April to her husband Stephen at Pen Ryn Estate in a gorgeous crepe Martina Liana gown!


Amanda and Steve met while both were in high school, when Amanda was a freshman and Steve was a junior playing on the school soccer team with Amanda’s brother. Amanda would go to the soccer games to support her brother, and the two officially started dating two years later in 2003.


Fast forward 13 years, just before Christmas. Amanda had a feeling she would be expecting a proposal soon, since she had recently borrowed Steve’s laptop and had noticed that he had an engagement ring website saved in his favorites, even though he’d only ever done research on his work computer. Google’s account linking is really convenient until it isn’t apparently. Oops! Steve also hadn’t asked Amanda for any gift ideas for Christmas, so she was starting to get more than a little suspicious. Amanda mentioned to her best friend that she was expecting it to happen on Christmas morning. Fortunately, her best friend played a fantastic double-agent because she knew Steve had purchased a ring, so she let him know and he ended up proposing a couple days earlier, so she was still surprised!


When it came to finding her dress, Amanda actually found it during a shopping trip with her mother down in Florida. Amanda had just gotten engaged and was visiting her mother and they had made some appointments for fun while she was there and fell in love with the Martina Liana 753 while they were out looking. She wasn’t yet ready to commit, but had started comparing every other dress she saw to it at that point. A few months later, she was calling around and discovered that we had it back home in the Philadelphia area and came back to see it again and finalize her decision.


While she knew she wanted a form-fitted dress with straps and a low back, Amanda just loved getting to try on all kinds of dresses, and said “I wish I could try on dresses all the time!” She definitely recommends to other brides to try on all kinds of different styles, even if it’s not something you think you’re going to want. Keeping an open mind is important, and is remembering that not everyone will cry, get emotional, or have “the moment” when trying on dresses. Sometimes you’re just picking your favorite, we all have different reactions and emotions to things!


Amanda loved her entire day, but she says her favorite part of her wedding was her first look with Steve. She said she had been “nervous and anxious all day and was beyond ready to see him!”


Congratulations Amanda and Stephen! We wish the two of you many years of love and happiness together!