Today’s beautiful Le Bella Donna bride got married a month ago in a stunning Essense of Australia lace a-line gown.

Angela and John first met while singing together in a community choir she’s been involved with since college, and brought everything full circle by singing together with the choir for their guests on their wedding day! John knew that Angela loves Christmas and had always dreamed of a Christmastime proposal, and came through absolutely! Angela told us the story of his proposal on a trip with family and friends to cut down their first Christmas tree together:

After our last Christmas concert of the season, John and I were headed to Maryland with our great friends and neighbors, Travis and Sasha, to cut down our first tree together. While walking around I remember thinking to myself how cool it would be to get engaged while picking out our tree. I didn’t believe it would happen since we had talked about waiting a little longer. John found a tree and called me over. After what felt like a long time of debating if it was the right tree, I took my glove off (as our friends told us to do to mark our tree), and I looked at John. He commented, “You took the right glove off…” and pulled out a homemade box. It had a picture of us on it. Then he dropped to one knee. In disbelief I looked over at our friends and their family, and noticed that the 14 people we were with were all standing there with cameras and phones capturing the moment. I, of course, said yes… well I shook my head yes because I was crying. It was the most magical moment and one we will always remember. 




When she asked him before dress shopping, John was interested in the idea of a full lace gown. Angela wasn’t feeling fuller bottomed gowns when she came in, but fortunately Dad came to the rescue! When Angela came with her parents for a gown from a different designer, her father pulled this one and recommended she try it on. She said of the gown “It was the perfect dress, and it had everything I had dreamed about, but didn’t realize I wanted.” Having both of her parents there, in a dress chosen by her father really made the moment special!

We were blessed as a store to be able to help her mother find a perfect Mother of the Bride gown as well! Helping the two most important women at the wedding find their dream dresses is always a special moment for us, and a wonderful opportunity to see some truly special mother-daughter relationships.


With regards to finding the perfect dress, Angela had some great advice to give to future brides!

In regards to finding the perfect dress, keep your options open, don’t go into dress shopping with a one-track mind. The dresses on the models in magazines and online look amazing in all the different dress, but their bodies are not our bodies (sorry if that sounds harsh, but we are each unique). Don’t get upset if the sample isn’t exactly the right size, keep an open mind. There is a dress out there made just for you, and it may take time to find it. If you haven’t had that “this is the one” moment then keep looking. Do not settle on a dress because it may be the one. Don’t bring too many guests with you because each has their own thoughts and it may cloud your judgement. Trust the bridal salon you are working with! The ladies at Le Bella Donna know what they are talking about, and will lead you in the right direction.


Congratulations Angela and John! Your wedding was beautiful and we wish you many years of happiness! 18901594_816697381266_609490162_o