The love story began when our beautiful couple Jill and Jim met at work. At first their relationship was purely platonic, but the chemistry between the pair was evident from the beginning. After a couple of years, the stars aligned and Jill and Jim went out on their first date. From that moment on, they both knew they were perfect for each other. The proposal happened on a wonderful Christmas filled with travel and family. After a busy day the couple arrived home and began to exchange their own gifts. Little did Jill know that her last present from Jim would contain a ring! Jill recalls being so nervous to open the little green box, but when she did Jim asked her to marry him! It was a wonderful way to end a holiday.

Now, as an engaged couple, the wedding planning was beginning! For many women, one of the most dreamt about moments is being able to try on and find the dress. Jill explains that after looking at about seven places, she was just not satisfied. She found dresses she liked, but nothing that she loved.

Jill Simone


In Jill’s case finding the dress of her dreams was like finding the man of her dreams- you don’t settle for just liking one, you need to find one you love. A little discouraged, Jill eventually ended up here at Le Bella Donna. With the help of our staff, Jill was able to find and fall in love with the dress! Jill described her shopping experience at Le Bella Donna as, “Stress free, extremely helpful and exciting- how bridal dress shopping is supposed to be!”

With the dress checked off the list, the wedding was right around the corner. Jill and Jim held their event in the Ballroom at the Ben in Philadelphia where they embraced a classic, elegant theme. Their photographer, Gary Nevitt Jr. from Gary Nevitt Photography, captured stunning shots that will become beautiful memories for the couple to cherish for years to come.

On the day of the wedding, Jill and her eight bridesmaids each got prepared for the big moment together. We asked Jill what she thought about seeing herself in the dress, about to walk down the aisle. She explained, “I remember just thinking YES! This is how I want to look on my wedding day.”

She remembered turning to her bridesmaids and saying, “Don’t you just love this dress!?” From that moment on, Jill was smiling from ear-to-ear, it was perfect!

The whole day was a memorable one. From having the most beautiful November day to Jill jumping onstage and lip-syncing to her favorite song, Jill and Jim loved their day because it was unique and everything they had planned was finally a reality. We asked Jill what her favorite part of the day was, she said that even though she loved every moment, “My best memory was Jim and I sitting at our sweetheart table for the first time as husband and wife and taking the time to take it all in.” What a special moment! We are truly so happy that everything worked out for the beautiful couple!

Jill Simone


As a tradition, we like to ask our Bride of the Month for a piece of advice for future brides. Jill’s advice is as follows:

“Enjoy your day and don’t sweat the small stuff! This is what you have waited for and everything will go as planned so have no worries. Do everything you can to enjoy your day and have no responsibilities. My mom, maid-of-honor, and bridesmaids handled everything that whole weekend, and I could not have been more thankful. All I had to do was show up; I was so scatterbrained I surely wouldn’t have remembered everything (and don’t call me Shirely)”