Today’s Le Bella Donna bride is a little bit of a blast from the past! Catrina and her husband Mondre got married in September of 2015. The bride was wearing one of our favorite Sophia Tolli gowns we sadly no longer carry, a taffeta fit and flare with a beautiful corset back!


Catrina and Mondre didn’t meet in high school per se, but they did meet because of high school– Mondre just went to school with and was good friends with her sister instead of Catrina herself. As she says, he was “pretty much right under [her] nose!” In keeping with the close-knit family affair, Mondre proposed during a romantic birthday dinner at the house. The whole family was in on it, with one exception! Mom, apparently can’t keep a secret and was also kept out of the loop until the night of as well, which I think is one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.


When it came time for dress shopping, Catrina had a few ideas to go on for her gown. She knew she wanted something with a lot of crystals for that glamorous sparkle, and a dramatic bottom without choosing a dress with lace. Catrina was aiming for that sweet spot that hits glamorous and traditional without being old-fashioned in any way, which is a design type that the Sophia Tolli line does beautifully! Sometimes your dress can be a love at first sight situation too, as Catrina found out. The Sophia Tolli was actually the first dress Jen helped her find, though it can always be good to try other options to make sure you’re making the right choice.


While her mother worried a little bit that Catrina was just giving into sales pressure (something we strive to make sure none of our brides feel!) Catrina was happy with how easy the whole process was. She says of the doubt that her mom felt with going with the first dress she ever tried “when she saw the way that everything came together at the fitting, she finally realized that the dress I chose was perfect for the wedding that we had planned.” She also says that it was helpful that she herself had such strong opinions about what she wanted for her wedding.Catrina and Mondre-0717

Having a strong and decisive opinion is actually Catrina’s advice to other brides! She says

There comes a point where you just have to make a decision and stick with it. It’s easier to be done the major planning early, to allow time for things to go wrong, rather than going crazy with major planning and things going wrong at the same time.

Besides, there will always be something else to give you a headache when it comes to planning a wedding! If the dress was easy, Catrina mentioned that it took her the better part of a year to track down the perfect jewelry to match the look of her gown.

Catrina and Mondre-0023

All that meticulous planning and decision-making went off without a hitch for Catrina and Mondre! The best part of her day was being able to relax and enjoy it. Since everything went according to schedule, she and her husband to be were able to relax and wait for the ceremony time in relative serenity! The celebration afterwards, however, she says flew by.


Congratulations Catrina and Mondra! We wish you many more years of love and happiness together!