Today’s Le Bella Donna bride is Katiany, who got married to her husband Steven in Colombia this past August. She wore a beautiful Essense of Australia fit and flare gown with delicate lace appliques.

Katiany and Steven met by chance when they were both visiting Las Vegas in 2012. Katiany was living in California at the time, and Steven had been living in Philadelphia. Luckily, the stars aligned and brought them together despite the large distance between them.



In 2016, Katiany and Steven went on their first big vacation together. Their first stop was Nice, France where Steven unexpectedly asked Katiany to marry him. She was so shocked because she was not aware that he even wanted to get married.

Katiany had not thought about getting married before so she was unsure what type of gown she was looking for, but she knew that she wanted the gown to be “simple, classy, and sexy.” Katiany ended up in a gown that was different than what she originally thought. She says that what she learned when shopping for a dress was how to choose a silhouette based on her body type.



For Katiany, planning her wedding was a bit complicated as she and her fiancé live in the United States, but the wedding was taking place in Colombia. Luckily her family there was able to help her. Their families had not met before the wedding and spoke different languages, but got along well and had a great time together at the wedding.

Katiany has many fond memories of her special day. She treasured walking down the aisle with her father, who was wearing a suit for the first time! Katiany enjoyed seeing Steven’s face when he saw her in her wedding gown for the first time at the ceremony. She also loved walking into the reception on her husband’s arm and seeing the joyful crowd of their loved ones.



Katiany’s advice to other brides is to relax and enjoy their wedding day. When planning the wedding, she thinks it’s most important to consider what the couple want, instead of trying to please others. Even when things go wrong, just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the small things.

Congratulations Katiany and Steven! We wish you many years of love and happiness together!



Photography by Janki Martinez