December’s Le Bella Donna bride Megan had her special day back in April in a classic Essense of Australia fit and flare gown at the Barn on Bridge.


Megan and Tyler met during their senior year of high school, despite going to different schools. Megan loved to go ice skating and had a tradition of going out to skate every Friday night. One day, she decided to invite her cousin Nick, and Nick had decided to bring some friends with him. According to Megan, the whole group became pretty close friends, and after a summer of hanging out together she and Tyler decided they wanted to start dating. The rest, as she says, is history!


Tyler’s choice of proposal was a romantic Christmas proposal straight out of Hollywood. Megan and Tyler still go ice skating as often as they can, and also have an annual New York City holiday trip planned with friends. Bryant Park in downtown Manhattan always has a beautiful outdoor rink, and the group had planned to go skating together during the trip. Unfortunately, as I can tell you having lived there for four years in college, the lines at any of the outdoor skating rinks are always impossibly long. Tyler had originally planned to bring their relationship full circle with a proposal at the skating rink, but the change of plans meant a drink at a beer garden nearby with friends and a photo by the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Megan was quite surprised when she look around as they were taking their picture and noticed her mom and sister in the crowd along with a bunch of tourists! Megan says “I looked at Tyler and he asked me if I knew what was happening.” By this point she definitely did, and coming up with an answer to his question was quite easy!


When it came time to find her perfect dress a few months later, Megan already had a pretty good idea of what she was looking for. She knew she wanted “classic and romantic… with lace and sleeves that was a trumpet shape.” Debbie and Megan were able to work together using her direction to find the prefect gown with beautiful details and an amazing fit!

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Bridesmaid’s dresses were similarly easy– Megan had been prepared to let her girls mix and match different styles in the same color, but all of her girls ended up loving the same gown and matched perfectly together! Megan’s advice to other brides is to remember that it is the special day for your and your husband to be, and to always go with the choices the two of you prefer instead of the suggestions from well-meaning friends and family. They’re important to you, but in the end it is your day!


Megan’s favorite part of the whole day was “dancing the night away” with her friends and family. Family is very important to her, and she said “getting to spend the most amazing day of my life with them just made it that much better.”


Congratulations Megan and Tyler! We wish the two of you many long years of love and happiness!


Photos by Grace and Bethany of Asya Photography