As we head into the hottest months of the summer, Le Bella Donna, like most bridal boutiques, is entering our slower season. In the summer months, we usually focus on helping all of our lovely brides through their final alterations, last-minute accessory purchases, and some internal store projects to reset and get ready for the new seasons. We’ve had a great year! We’ve worked with many lovely women and seen some truly gorgeous weddings, full of love and happiness and stunning brides, and we’re ready to do more.

Every season, we purchase the newest styles from all the best designers in order to help every bride that walks into our shop find the gown of her dreams. We look for the best beadwork, the most stunning silhouettes, and the next greatest trend. Β Just this year, we’ve picked up several new bridal gown lines to expand our sample collection in new and exciting directions! Our selection is bigger than ever, and it’s actually getting too big for our Jenkintown boutique.

Having too many options can absolutely be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect dress, especially when a new bride and her party are out looking for the first time. There’s also nothing more heartbreaking than to have one of our brides pull a dress off of the rack, only to have to tell her that it’s discontinued and something we can only sell off the rack. So we’ve decided to solve two problems– overstocked racks with un-orderable dresses and the summer doldrums– with one solution: we’re opening a second location!

Located in nearby Bensalem right next door to Celebrations, one of our favorite wedding venues, Le Bella Donna’s second location will be an off the rack boutique. Perfect for brides with shorter wear dates, lower budgets, or those wanting a dress no one else will have, this Bensalem location will offer the same level of service, personality, and glamour you’ve come to know and love in your time with us! Many of our favorite dresses over the years will be moving with us, discounted as much as 70% off. Β The seasonal nature of bridal does mean that sometimes we have to say goodbye to some of our best-loved gowns, and we love to make sure they’re going to wonderful homes.

We’ll be spending every spare moment we have this summer working to be ready to serve our customers on our projected opening date of September 1st. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates as we progress, and we look forward to welcoming you on the next step on our journey!

~The Le Bella Donna Team