It’s the summer of music! Today’s bride Rose and her husband Brian are in several bands, both together and separately, and their love of music has always played a vital part of their relationship. Rose ended up choosing a beautiful Justin Alexander sheath with a beautiful, unique neckline and shadowbox lace to give dimension.18920768_1239633589479442_7834504402166896266_o

Rose and Brian actually met almost 10 years ago while her band opened for his at a theater in Phoenixville, but reconnected seven years later at the International Folk Alliance Conference.  Rose recounts the story below:

Deirdre (the other fiddle player in my band at the time), my mom and I flew to KC a day early to get settled in, and my dad and Pete (our drummer) planned to fly in the next day for our formal showcase. They ended up getting stuck at the airport in Philly due to fog and subsequently weren’t going to make it to the showcase in time. They also didn’t help things by continuously sending us photos of themselves drinking whiskey and making goofy faces while we were stressing about not having a guitar player or drummer for our showcase.

I knew Brian was going to be there that weekend with a company called Bandzoogle, and I ran up to him at his booth, begging him to back us up on guitar for our 25 minute showcase. He didn’t have his guitar, but it was a Folk Alliance conference so there were probably at least 400 guitars in the conference center and we eventually found someone willing to lend us one. We ran through the songs a few times up in a hotel room and he pulled our songs off during the showcase like a champ. 


A year, a two week long visit from Canada and a miss-scheduled flight later and Rose and Brian moved in together here in Philly. In keeping with the theme of music that runs through their relationship, the perfect proposal also happened at an event, a one-day festival in Philly in pouring rain.

We were walking around laughing since that scene was all too familiar for both of us (having played many festivals and concerts in the rain to a non-existent audience.) We stopped walking where a sad, lone duck was floating by us in the choppy river. He pulled out the ring that we had chosen together on Etsy and proposed. After trying the ring on I realized it was too big, and started shaking my hand (by the river) to see if it would fall off. Luckily, it didn’t go flying into the river, and I wore it on my thumb like a hippie the rest of the day. It was hilarious and “us” in every way and I’ll remember that day forever.  

When it came to finding the dress, Rose knew she wanted something lacy and vintage, short sleeved, and with a line of buttons down an illusion back. The beautiful Justin Alexander was the clear choice and she looked absolutely stunning! Of the experience, she says “I kind of thought dress shopping was going to be super stressful and annoying, but it turned out to be a fun and exciting day with my best friends and mom. I got to try on a ton of different dresses and feel like a total model walking out of the changing room. It also helped that I found the perfect dress at the second shop we tried. Also, we got cupcakes and coffee after to celebrate…so that was a win.”


Overall, the wedding was definitely a family affair! Rose’s mother planned the entire thing, though Rose says “I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t do it again even if someone paid her a million dollars.”

My Aunt Linda made all of the beautiful flower arrangements. My Uncle Ray (a professional photographer in Cocoa Beach, FL) took all of our pictures. My husband’s Aunt and Uncle literally made maple syrup for our wedding favors. My Uncle Pete became an officiant (thanks Internet!) to actually marry us. My friends, family, Grandma and I made several hundred ravioli for the wedding dinner. A friend of mine performed on aerial silks and my best friends played music for our ceremony.

It was a ridiculous and beautiful effort by all of our favorite people and we would wouldn’t change a thing.         


The entire day was perfect, but if I had to pick, I would probably say dancing with my husband’s entire Canadian family to terrible 90’s pop songs, or playing fiddle with my husband while we shared a glass of whiskey after most of the guests had left. I felt like we could finally relax and just be “us.” I also ended the night playing Mario Kart in my wedding dress (and winning) against my husband’s groomsmen, so there was that. Sorry, that was three things…it really was the perfect day. 

18891891_1239634596146008_1050785304782879345_oCongratulations Rose and Brian!