Bridal veils can trace their roots back to all different traditions and superstitions from all over the world and in most cases pre-date the wedding dress itself! Today, many brides struggle with the different veil options or whether to go with one at all!

Although we can’t make the decision for you, maybe some of this information on veils will help.


A Traditional Past

Wedding veils in many ancient civilizations were a means to protect the bride and/or groom from evil spirits and were even traditionally worn in red or yellow! Modern brides who chose to wear a veil traditionally keep them in the same tone as their bridal gown; ivory or white. However, with the evolving color of bridal gowns; recently seen in couture blush pinks and ice blues, veils have also followed trend. But, don’t commit to that bubble gum pink tulle just yet! Usually the best color choice for veils is to match whatever the top layer of color your dress is, even if the bottom layer is a darker tone.

When asking yourself what type of veil to pick, you want to take into consideration your dress style. Is your dress a textured bottom? Vintage inspired? Covered in beadwork? Or, is it sleek and clean? These answers will guide you into the best fitting veil. The main thing to remember when picking a veil is to make sure it balances and compliments your finished look, and isn’t a separate look altogether.


Consider the Different Lengths

The length you choose will depend on the look you’re going for along with the shape of your dress. You will want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the design of your gown, but instead enhances it.

Veil lengths

Usually a good spot for a veil to hit will be wherever there is a visual change in the shape of the gown.

For example, a fingertip length veil will look nice where a gown flares out within a trumpet or mermaid gown, or elbow length for where a ball gown cinches the waist.

If you’ve always wanted that dramatic walk down the aisle but your train doesn’t quite live up to the image, a cathedral length veil with a beautiful edge-line detail will do the trick!

How about if you’re going for that vintage look? Consider the birdcage veil. This thin but structured netted cage creates a mid-century vintage feel. Many modern vintage brides opt for this less cumbersome option that can be placed and pinned in many different shapes over the head and face.

Don’t be afraid when you try on a birdcage at the bridal shop (or any veils!), these headpieces can look funny and ill placed before being properly pinned by a hairstylist.


The Choice is Yours

At the end of the day, the veil can be a very personal and pivotal part to your bridal look — think of being walked down the aisle and given away with the flip of a blusher — or it can be a thing of the past, replaced with a beautifully embellished headpiece! The choice is yours (sorry moms!).

Just make sure it fits your bridal style, and you’ll be sure to look perfect on your big day!




Photo Credit: “Veil” by John Hope |  CC