From invitations to wedding attire, here is a look forward at some 2019 wedding trends!


Choosing the perfect wedding invitation is a very important part of your wedding planning journey. Invitations are the first glimpse your guests will get of your wedding and it’s no question that you want them to set the tone for your special day.

This year couples are getting creative with their wedding invitations! The newest trend in invites is boxed invitations. What is a boxed invitation? Simply put, it’s an invitation inside of a gift box, but it’s much more than that. Brides and grooms are able to send out very special and personalized invitations to friends and families.

Unlike traditional wedding invitations, invitation boxes offer more unique options besides the type of paper, ink, and font. On top of those choices, boxed invitations offer the opportunity to change the fabric on the box, bows, the contents of the box, etc. A favored combination is velvet boxes with satin ribbon; some are even securing the ribbon with a jeweled or beaded pin.

Boxed invites provide the option to add in more items aside from the actual invitation itself. You could add a pre-wedding favor, such as monogrammed candies. Or you could even make your invite box into a confetti bomb, ensuring that no one can forget to save the date! No matter your theme, boxed invitations can be designed to show off a sampling of your favorite aspects of your wedding and your identity as a couple.

Colors & Themes


The forecast for 2019 wedding colors is muted with a chance of deep! In the spring and summer we are expecting to see a lot of muted tones such as dusty rose and blue, silver sage, and pastel yellow. Then we will see a turn around in the fall and winter with some deeper colors like burgundy, royal blue, and emerald. Color fun fact: the color burgundy is actually named after a wine that is made in Burgundy, France!

As for themes, we’re looking at a mixture of both traditional and modern features. Many weddings are taking on the shabby chic and bohemian styles. In 2019, it’s all about uniqueness and personalization. Couples will be drawing on inspiration from their past, including childhood memories and their time spent together. There will also be a lot of personalized signage so the chalkboard and wooden signs trend will live on this year!

Table design

Table design is an important part of planning because that is where guests will spend a lot of time during your reception, next to the dance floor, of course! Floral arrangements will have many different textures and layers as well as incorporating a lot of greens. We will also see greenery pop up in many more areas for a nature-inspired look. Black accents for contrast will be very popular. Instead of opting for traditional tea lights, many couples are now going for taper candles. There are some trends in table settings that carry over from invitations: velvet and monograms. Velvet napkins with monograms of the couples’ initials are appearing in many settings this year.

Wedding Party Attire


This year is all about the royal wedding fever! Brides will be sporting regal styles with tiaras and capes as accessories. We will see some off-the-shoulder action and plunging necklines. Ball gowns will be the silhouette of choice and minimalistic design is in!

White Tux


Brides and grooms are now opting for matching outfits at their weddings: white and ivory suits are the new black. Grooms are also having fun with their choice in tie; bowties are back. They are also selecting ties with prints, such as florals.

Bridesmaids in Navy


Trending now in bridesmaids are dresses in the colors coral and navy. Necklines span the entire spectrum with halter and cowl styles reigning in popularity. As for fabrics, we will continue to see the traditional chiffon, but also velvet! As you can see, velvet is a huge trend this year, being the number one choice in invitation box fabrics and napkins.


Just like the ladies, the guys will be seeing an uptake in the color navy. Navy suits are in, and so are burgundy! We’re looking at entire burgundy tuxedos as well as just a few accents in that wine color.

Wedding Guest Attire

When it comes to being a guest at a wedding, it can be difficult to decide what to wear. You want to be formal, but not too formal that you steal the show. You want to find that perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated. The dress length of choice is midi – not too short, but not too long that it hides your shoes. This fall will bring navy and burgundy, while the summer will bring blush and yellow. In the summer, guests may also break out the ever-versatile maxi dress. Guest attire will mimic the bride with minimalistic design. Unlike brides, though, guests will be shying away from fuller skirts and opting for slimmer silhouettes.

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