Many brides have begun to opt for destination weddings. The stigma that correlates with destination weddings and eloping is long gone. Brides and grooms everywhere are enjoying the benefits of skipping town and going away to celebrate their big day.

You may be asking yourself, should I have a destination wedding? Here are some ideas to consider.

1. You or your soon-to-be spouse are from another location

Maybe one of you grew up abroad, moved across country for college, met online, or relocated for a career, but you or your soon to be spouse has a soft spot for a certain place they once called home. If this location has significance for either of you and you would absolutely love the town center, the ocean backdrop, or even the excitement of an urban area as the background of your wedding photos, go for it! Heck, maybe you just like the location and have never been there before. Don’t let anything hold you back.

2. You want to keep it a smaller, more intimate affair

Are you not one for big crowds at weddings? If you do not want every extended, but local family member at the wedding, a destination wedding is a realistic and understanding way to keep your wedding on the smaller side. However, if you envision a larger crowd, don’t let a destination wedding limit your guest list. You need to bear in mind that not every family member will be able to financially, physically, or simply have desire to attend a destination wedding.

3. Lower maintenance and lower costs

Since destination weddings have a lot of bundles and packages for traveling couples, the costs are definitely lower. There is almost always discounted accommodations for couples who go the all-inclusive route, and the wedding ceremony and reception is often already stocked with your food and entertainment. That means there is a lot less planning for you!

4. The memories will withstand the test of time

Many times weddings begin to blur together. However, with destination weddings, guests often turn the wedding into their own vacation. So your guests will not only be there to give you their love and support, they are giving themselves a break from reality they will not forget anytime soon!

Now that you have some ideas to think about for a destination wedding, keep in mind that it is ultimately the day to celebrate the love between you and your partner. Whether you choose close by or across the ocean, you will make the right decision in the end.